two histopathological scoring systems for adrenocortical carcinomas

The prognostic value of two different histopathological scoring systems for adrenocortical carcinomas


Aims: To compare two different multiparameter histopathological scoring indices and determine their prognostic value in patients presenting with adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC).

Methods and results: Seventy-nine adrenal cortical tumours were divided into adenomas (n = 17), non-metastatic carcinomas (n = 24) and carcinomas with metastatic disease and/or local recurrence during follow-up (n = 19) or at time of presentation (n = 19). All cases were scored according to the Weiss revisited index (WRI) and the Van Slooten index (VSI). Both scoring indices yielded a significantly different score (P < 0.005) between adenomas and carcinomas. Non-metastasized carcinomas had a lower score with both indices compared with carcinomas with metastases at the time of presentation (VSI, P = 0.017; WRI, P = 0.019). The VSI also distinguished ACC that had metastasized at any time from those that had not (P = 0.015). Cancer-specific survival in patients with metastasized ACC correlated with the scores for both indices (VSI, P = 0.0078; WRI, P = 0.0025). Time from diagnosis of ACC to development of metastatic disease was correlated with the WRI (P = 0.036, r = -0.350).

Conclusions: The VSI and the WRI have equal validity in the correct categorization of ACC and adenomas. Furthermore, both indices show a correlation with survival for metastasizing ACC.

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