“If I succeed in my mission, I will be happy to join the clog-maker and the blacksmith on local village fairs, to demonstrate the suturing and cutting skills that once belonged to a very high esteemed profession.”

Nicole D. Bouvy


This website is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Nicole Bouvy, surgeon at the MUMC in Maastricht and helps to make better choices before taking the step to undergo surgery. It helps you as a patient to get insight to less invasive alternatives and as a health care professional to keep up te date on the latest developments on the treatment of obesity and reflux disease. If surgery is needed it gives insight information to prevent anastomotic leakage, adhesion formation and incisional hernia.



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About Nicole Bouvy


Nicole Bouvy is Professor of Innovative Surgical Techniques at the Maastricht University Medical Center.

Ever since her degree (cum laude) as a medical doctor in 1993, she has been striving to diminish the trauma that a surgeon causes when performing a procedure. In that same year she pioneered as one of the first doctors to perform a laparoscopic (key-hole) operation. Today, laparoscopic surgery is widely performed and standard segment of the routine surgical practice.

Nicole finished her PhD (cum laude) in 1997 on the topic of ‘metabolic and oncological consequences of laparoscopic surgery’. By reducing the size of incisions, patients show a faster recovery and less complications.

Her research focuses on prevention, early detection and minimal invasive & preventive intervention. She is globally recognized as a thought leader on a variety of strategies to avoid and prevent complications caused by the surgical knife. These include adhesions, incisional hernia and anastomotic leakage.

Nicole works intensively with the leading national and international institutions and its engineers. Her research studies are often outside the primary field of surgery, such as the development of biomaterials to decrease the occurrence of anastomotic leakage and incisional hernia, which were developed with the University of Trieste (Italy) and the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen (Fachhochschule, Germany).

In close collaboration with the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands) a new gel has been developed, which slowly releases chemotherapy in the intra-abdominal space in patients with peritoneal metastases. In another research program, jointly with the Technical University Twente (Netherlands) an artificial neural network is being developed enabling extreme early detection of a wide variety of diseases.

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surgeon Nicole Bouvy, Maastricht MUMC

Her research focusses on prevention, early detection and in a not yet ill body minimal invasive intervention. She develops all kind of strategies to avoid complications caused by the surgical knife such as adhesions, incisional hernia and anastomotic leakage.

To develop these strategies she works together with many national and international institutions and engineers. For example together with the University of Trieste in Italy and Aachen biomaterials were developed to decrease the occurrence of anastomotic leakage and incisional hernia.

Together with the TU Eindhoven a new gel is developed to slowly release chemotherapy in the intra-abdominal space in patients with peritoneal metastases and together with the TU Twente she helped to develop an artificial neural network to detect all kind of diseases in exhaled air.

Together with small start-up companies Nicole Bouvy develops trans-oral devices to make it possible to perform surgery through the mouth in for example the stomach.  She participates in many European studies on these topics, is author on more than 200 peer reviewed articles and guidelines, and is the first female member of the executive board of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery.

The past years she is organizing their yearly congress as chairman of the program committee.

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